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I have special skills that qualify me to become a nursing assistant. Being a nurse is not only about schedules and charting, it’s more than what meets the eye. Typically when we think of nursing we think of numbers, frantic working, but nursing is much more than that. I obtain the skills that many people overlook or don’t even realize that these skills are crucial to my future occupation. These are not the only skills that I have; I learn something new almost every day.


Detail Oriented: This skill is highly required to be a nurse. When you counsel patients about their condition, leaving out one aspect of information can be crucial. You want to be as detailed as possible to be sure that you don’t leave out anything important. This is also very important when you chart patients.

Critical Thinking: A nurse needs to be able to recognize changes. Critical thinking is crucial, especially if you notice a change in a patient’s condition or behavior. You need to be able to make fast decisions, but also make sure that those are the right decisions.

Patience: Patience is such an important skill and quality to have, especially for people who are considering a job in the medical field. Patients can be difficult and mean. Not only patients, but the job can take a big toll out of you. This also widely depends on your setting.

Physical Stamina: This job is very physically and mentally demanding. You’re going to have to be on your feet, a lot. I possess this skill because I’m used to running around a lot, and getting up and moving around.

Organizational Skills: This skill is very important, because when you’re a nurse, charting is very important. You need to write down the medicines the patient has been given, how much of it, and when. Also, if you notice a change in behavior you need to write it down so the doctor can be aware.

Compassion: I have found that many people in the Medical and Health field grow tired of their jobs. They don’t care as much as they used to when they first started. When you are working with patients everyday who are terminal, and patients who only have a time limit, you really need to have a compassionate personality because that’s what they need. |Bls.gov. (2015, May 15). Nursing assistants and Orderlies . Retrieved January 8, 2014, from bls.gov: http://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/nursing-assistants.htm#tab-4
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