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Educational Career Enhancement

Informational Interview- Jackilyn Malone

I had the opportunity to interview my Health Sciences teacher Ms. Malone.  I chose to interview her because I plan to be a Registered Nurse. I wanted to know what this job takes as far as qualifications to day-to-day skills that will be used on the job, what school to go to, and just extra stuff that I felt were important.

  1. What does your position do on a daily basis?
    “Direct patient care, lots and lots of communication between the Patient, the Nurse, and the Physician and the family. You work alongside Physicians a lot, and you do documentation, or “charting” almost every day.”
  2. What do you like and dislike about your career?
    “I like working with the patients, and helping them in every way that I can. I really like being able to work in different areas. I liked being able to work in the E.R and working with burns and different things.  I disliked doing documentation. You document and chart things all day, you could spend hours on just documenting everything.”
  3. What did your career pathway look like?
    “I have my bachelor’s degree right now. My classes were: Math, English, Art History, Sociology, Pathology, Mental Health, Public Health, Leadership, Gerontology, Anatomy, and Pharmacology.
  4. What skills did you use on a daily basis?
    “Assessment, Measuring Vital Signs, IV’s, Blood draws, Wound Care, and Education.”
  5. Where do you recommend that I go to school?
    “I recommend that you start out first with a two year associates degree, that way if you decide you want to be more than a registered nurse you can go to school longer. Maysville is close, they offer a two year associates in nursing.”