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Job Description

I want to become a registered nurse. Registered nurses provide patient care, not only do RN’s take care of patients, but they also educate them too. RN’s are trained to educate patients and the patient’s families on any questions they have or may be confused about. They also educate the public on different health conditions, and give information about how to prevent certain diseases. RN’s work under the supervision of a physician, or they can also oversee LPN’s. Typically, these nurses spend the day recording medical histories and information, administering medicines and treatments, talk to physicians concerning the patient, operate medical related equipment, and educate patients and their families on how to care for their condition, and how to cope with it.

Skills & Education
To become a Registered Nurse, students typically take the following courses: Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Psychology, and other courses depending on the exact career path a medical student takes. A Bachelor’s degree is needed if an inspiring student wants to go into public education to further teach the public about healthcare. Minimum education would include a two year Associates degree, and to take and pass the NCLEX exam to become licensed.
Advancement opportunities are available to Registered Nurses. Most RN’s start out as a Staff Nurse, with more education, skill, and education they can be expected to move into different settings. Such as: management positions, administrative, and employers in hospital or school settings. 


In May of 2012, the annual salary for registered nurses was $65,470. This is the typical salary for RN’s, although a 10% earned as much as $94,720, depending on work settings. Salary is around$31.48 per hour of working. Nursing has many benefits, including flexible working schedules, educational benefits, bonuses, and childcare opportunities.


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