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Career Related Education
I am a current member of HOSA. I joined HOSA this year, because I am taking Health Science. I joined this club because I wanted to be as involved as I can. This is the first club or organization that I’ve ever joined in school. HOSA has given me many opportunities. We discuss trips, health, and fundraising. Not only do we explore medical opportunities but also business by holding and operating meetings conducted by the members.
Career Related Education
By taking these classes in high school, I can complete my career pathway before I graduate, and enter into college with confidence.
Principles of health science taught me some of the basics of the different careers, what I’ll be working with, and general information. We learn CPR, Heimlich maneuver, Systolic and diastolic blood pressure rates, and even different insurance policies.
Medical terminology teaches the general medical terms. These are basic things you need to know if you’re going to pursue a health career.
Emergency room procedures will teach the basic procedures and caution you need to take while working in the ER. In this class you will learn how to sterilize, safety plans, putting on gloves the right way. All of these skills are crucial to protecting yourself and the patient while in the ER.
MNA class gives you the real life skill and experience that someone pursuing a health care career needs. Not only do you go in depth about procedures and safety, but you really get to go out and do things. After purchasing your malpractice insurance, we can go to the nursing home and help out. This class really  gets you ready for a real career.
Occupational Skills
By taking these classes in the Area Technology Center, I’ve obtained many skills which will make me career ready in health care. I’ve participated in health sciences classes. The skills I’ve obtained are safety, speaking, and working with others. I have been able to use and manipulate my skills in my health science class.