Special SkillsĀ 
There are many skills to become anything with computers, such as the one I want, web design and graphic design. One of the main skills is being very patient. Why is important to be patient? Because sometimes these things can get frustrating and aggravating to work with, but that goes along with anything you like to do.
Another special skill is typing, if you are not good at typing then might need some practice. Me myself I’m decent at typing but not the best. Typing skills are very helpful in the technology world.
Communicating- communicating skills one of the top thing you really need to work on. One you may go to a meeting and or conference and you need to be respectful and talk with good manners that way the other people would want to come back and talk with you.
Understanding HTML and CSS- you would have to know the commands and codes for html and CSS for web designing, such Meta tags and much more. Once you understand them you will be able to fly through them.
Creativity - Web developers are often involved in designing the appearance of a website and must make sure that it looks innovative and up to date.
Concentration- Web developers must sit at a computer and write detailed code for long periods.
Detail oriented. - When web developers write in HTML, a minor error could cause an entire webpage to stop working.