home page pic Hello, my name is Jacob Smallwood through this site you will see what I would to do with my life, my career. Why is a career really important? Because in order to make a living you have to have a way to get money to support yourself and others.  For my career I would want to go in a field with computers, Web designing, game designing and or computer engineering. 
In creating this site, I made a decision on this field because it’s what I like to do. Why? Well everyone is saying the world is going to technology and so I wanted to a part of that. My life growing up on a farm not knowing much about web designing or game designing. I always thought I would make a site, maybe for farmers that would help them out. Reason why is because I know a lot about farming. But in this journey in making web sites in the future is much more challenging than I thought.
Thank you for taking your time and viewing my site. I hope you enjoyed seeing all.