gator        This is a drawing I did my sophomore year of high school.  It is also the winner of the Digital art section of the Gateway Regional Art Show in 2014.  This picture was created in my room on my computer.  It was created because I like to draw, and at the moment I wanted to draw something that I haven’t drawn before.    I learned that I can draw more realistic than I thought I could, and that even though I never drawn something before, doesn’t mean I can’t try.

p tiger       This is a picture I drew by request for my best friend. I asked what she wanted for her birthday and she told me to draw a purple tiger.  This was drawn in my room, as a birthday gift for a friend.  I learned that people really do appreciate my art.
tiger             This is another drawing of a tiger that I did on my computer.  And because Tigers are one of my favorite animals, I draw that all the time.  I learned that the value of light and dark makes a difference in any piece of art.

owl    This is my latest favorite drawing that I have done.  It was the first owl that I have ever drawn realistically.  Like the others. It was drawn on my computer. I drew it because I have an owl in my neighborhood and I hear it hoot every now and then.  I learned that I can draw more than just land animals.

real me             This was an in class assignment that I did in my Website Design class. It was my first personal website that I did.  I learned that making a website isn’t as hard as it seems, and that when given enough time, you can create something amazing.

About Me