I have done a few projects in the past few years that have been related to art.  When I was in the 6th grade, I would stay after school to paint doors that the school was going to sell to the community.  Then in the 7th grade, I stayed after to help paint props for the school play Aladdin. And I’ve worked on many pieces of art at home and school, many of them being created on the computer. I’ve been to a summer program in South Carolina at the Art Institute; I participated in the media arts.  In this area was film and photography.  I did the photography part.  This gained me a new skill and opened more pathways for me in choosing a career.  Later I got into a one day program with the Governors School of the Arts.  And was a great opportunity for me, and gave me a hit of what an art school would be like.

I’ve done project that included making a PowerPoint on what I wanted to do in life, or what I wanted to be, or what I would do after high school.  And I’ve made a clear decision that I wanted to be in the art field.  Because of my strong interests in the art field, I’ve considered a few careers I would want to pursue; digital art being one of them.


I’ve taken art classes all of my school years, and have taken a website design class, and soon I will take a flash and Photoshop class to improve my skills.  And being able to go to Art programs and being chosen to participate in them is an honor and I appreciate it.  It has opened a window for me in my future career.  And I believe that the skills that I already have and the new skills I will learn will be what I need in my pathway.