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Special Skills

I’ve acquired many skills useful to the profession of dentistry. When you think of skills required when becoming a dentist you may think of a high education in science and math. While that is certainly true there are a few other things dentists should require, things such as precision and patience.
Precision: Dentists need to be precise. They need to control their hands well when navigating their many medical tools in the patient’s mouth and use them accurately. I’ve acquired this skill over years of building, woodworking, and doing hands-on jobs.
Patience: They should also be patient. Dentists need the patience to exercise the right behavior when around unruly patients or customers. I’ve developed this skill while baby-sitting my toddler brother and dealing with customers while serving food.
Social Skills: Dentist should also be sociable people. They should be able to calm their patients and make them feel welcome at the work place because for many a visit to the dentist is a stressful task. I practiced these skills while working at family horse shows serving food.
Adaptability: Finally Dentist should be able to adapt. The world of technology is constantly evolving and this dramatically affects those in the medical and dentistry fields by presenting them with new tools. I’m quite well with this due to being raised in the era of computers where technology has constantly changed.
4 skills
I’ve also gathered many skills from classes at school like science, math, and computer applications. I have kept consistently good grades and have learned things to help me in the dentistry field. They are things such as chemistry, algebra, the ability to use Excel Spreadsheets, as well as the ability to create a web page.
excel spreadsheet
I made this Excel Spreadsheet in my Advanced Computer Apps class at the Montgomery County ATC building where I attend my computer related classes. Using Excel I learned how to use formulas and charts. With the ability to use Excel I can store information on spreadsheets at the workplace.
web page
I made the above web page in my Web Design class at Montgomery County ATC. I learned how to code and corporate CSS into web pages during this project. In dentistry I can use this skill to create web pages and social media pages for the company.
microsoft word project
In the project above, which was also completed in my Advanced Computer Applications class, I learned how to insert tables and effectively use Microsoft Word to create business letter heads. Both of these skills can be used in making documents that apply to what I’m currently doing in dentistry.
 pdf page
This PDF file was also made in my Advanced Computer Applications Class at Montgomery County ATC. Here I learned how to convert documents to PDF files, a skill which can be used in the workplace.