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Career Related Education

I’ve taken several classes to help me in the field of dentistry. These said classes include algebra, chemistry, health, and advanced web applications. My family also has a background in dentistry. My mother is a dental hygienist in Lexington Kentucky. This provides me with many opportunities to see dentist in the workplace practicing their profession and provides me with a lot of information of the job from first hand sources.
Activities: I’ve completed many activities that would help me in the field of dentistry. I’ve done many assignments in my science classes involving chemicals; I have made Excel Spreadsheets in my computer applications class, and know the functions of the human body from health class.
Career Research Project: The project I’m currently working on has also provided me with a lot of information about dentistry. Through it I’ve learned many new things about the field such as the pay, job outlook, and what I must do to become one.