i love games me and my cousin play them all time because of the influence they had on my life my occupation is to be a game designer
I think this this picture describes me because just like Olimar people think of me as a born leader and trust me for Guidantís
I may not be a ninja, assassin or chameleon but just like Espio I can go from being the most notifiable guy in the room to just a nother part of the background at will
I fill I Iím like GLaDOS because I have a love for scine and the what ifís of the world ,puzzles ,witty reamarks and were both robot lol (TuT)
Red is my favorite because pokemon oranges came out and its spot on with the game
Totaka is one of my favorite song wrighters I love the theme from luigiís mansion Mario Zelda and pikmin animal crossing was cool to writing all the town themes and k.k. sliders sound track could have been hand fall
I love bunnies I donít know why I just do
I would love to have the tornado 2 and yes it can drive on land just as well as car
mewtwo strikes back was one of the first movie i saw in theaters and it is still one of my favorites