saving private ryan Saving Private Ryan is my favorite movie of all time mostly because of its epic tale of the "Greatest Generation", the ones whom fought and died for the liberation of all of the world.
marching drums I chose these drums to put on display because I marched a set of drums just like these during the marching band season.
Scooby Doo If you know this Cartoon Charater then you most likely spent much of your child hood like me, watching the best t.v. show ever.
ford The F-650 is much like myself large and very cumbersome, which is why one day I plan on owning one.
Aye Aye The Aye Aye is one of the most intresting animals I have ever seen. Fun Fact of the day, the Aye Aye has an extended middle finger which is its primary tool it uses to hunt for food.
question mark I have no real plan for after highschool, I know I will go to college but I havent decided my main focus yet.
book shelf This image represents what I like to do in my free time, if I cant be outside. Reading is something I have enjoyed since early childhood and will continue to enjoy far into my adulthood.