omans flag

Oman has an absolute monarchy, this means that the sultan of oman weilds unrestricted power within his country. the current sultan is Qaboos bin Said Al Said he, as is tradition, took power from his father in a palace coupe. Oman does have public elections and public offices but in the end the sultan has the final say in all matters domestic and foreign. his first major decree as sultan was to change the official name of the country of oman from  Muscat and Oman to the Sultanate of Oman, this was to show his intent to globalize the country.

Qaboos bin Said is an avid fan and promoter of classical music. His 120-member orchestra has a high reputation in the Middle East. The orchestra consists entirely of young Omanis who, since 1986, audition as children and grow up as members of the symphonic ensemble. They play locally and travel abroad with the sultan.  The Sultan's birthday, 18 November, is celebrated as Oman's national holiday. The first day of his reign, 23 July, is celebrated as Renaissance Day. Qaboos bin Said is rumoured to recently be behind the purchase of former England national team captain John Terry's Surrey mansion.