Cassaundra Norman - Meet The Real Me
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movie This is a picture of my favorite movie. I've always loved the nightmare before christmas, the reason I chose this movie is because it brings back memories to my childhood.
favorite artist The lacs have been my favorite artists for a while now. Its just something about the songs that get to me, they're so catchy and get into your emotions.
Paul walker has been my favorite actor since they started all of the fast and ferious movies. What I like about paul walker is the fact he doesnt play in any movie unless the charcter resembles his personality in some way.
Car< Mustang's have always caught my eye, I have always thought they are really pretty cool looking cars. That's why it's my dream car.
animal These dogs are the most loyal in my opinion. Ever since I was little I have always loved rottweiler's, they are beautiful dogs.
occupation I've always wanted to be a veterinarian because i have a love for any animals. I believe that would be the perfect carrer for me to study for and go into in my future.
foxracing I have this wild obsession with anything from the fox company, It fits my personality.