21 Jump Street21 Jump Street is my 1st movie that I picked because I think this movie is cool and that it shows a sense of brotherhood. I alaways wanted to relive high school differently.
DaughtryDaughtry is my favorite band they sing a mix of pop and rock music. Which is my favorite kind of music. Which shows i can enjoy any kind of music.
The SitterThe Sitter is the 2nd movie I picked because it is very funny and cool Movie. I think I am like Jonah hill.
CumminsThis Cummins Truck Would be Something I would drive because this truck is Cool and would be the kind of truck I could use.
Bald EagleI chose the bald eagle to be my favorite animal because they are cool and there the symbol of america.
ComputerFor my job I am thinking about working on computers like fixing them. It shows how hard i am willing to work to get the job done.
SteelersThe Pittsburgh Steelers are My Favorite Football team so this is why I picked this Picture. I think it describes me because it shows my presecerence to support my favorite team.