All About Germany. "Einigkeit Und Recht Und Freiheit" flag

Germany is a country located in western-central Europe. The country consists of 16 states and it's capital Berlin. Germany has a population of 80.6 million which makes it the most populated state in the European






Germany uses the Euro as their form of currency. The Euro is used as the main form of currency in most European countries






The Leader of Germany

The leader of Germany is President Joachim Guack. He assumed office on the 18 of March 2012.






The Landscape

The landscape of Germany is different in certain areas. The North German lowlands, the Mittelgebirge ridge, the Southwest German subdued mountains and terraced landscape, the South German piedmont and the Bavarian Alps.


Landmarks of Germany

Germany is full of many amazing landmarks. One of the most popular landmarks in Germany is Neuschwanstein. Neuschwanstein is situated on a rugged hill near F├╝ssen in southwest Bavaria. It was the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty castles in the Disneyland parks.



Germany also has many famous buildings. One of the most famous buildings is the Reichstag. The Reichstag was built in 1894 and is still standing today. It still serves as the seat of parlament today.