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Information about afghanistan


  • Afghanistan, approximately the size of Texas, is bordered on the extreme northeast by China, on the east and south by Pakistan, and by Iran on the west. The country is split east to west by the mountain range, rising in the east to heights of 24,000 ft (7,315 m). With the exception of the southwest, most of the country is covered by high snow-capped and mountainous landscapes.


  • The economy has grown at a remarkable pace since 2003; average growth rate over
    the period 2003-2011 has been 11.2 percent. Only a few countries in the region have
    experienced a growth rate above 10 percent in the last decade. For afghanistan, this is a
    remarkable achievement beside the fact that serious security exist in the country.


landmark imageThis land mark is the most important to afghanistan.
fortress imageThis fort is one of the oldest.
mountain image Afghanistan has alot of mountains.

money imageThis is what there coins look like.

money image2This is what there money looks like.