This picture describes me because over all else i have to much pride. reason why i would try and try again to win.reason why i would try so hard is because i really hate losing
this picture describes me because all their songs ways try to bring courage into listeners. another reason why i listen to breaking benjamin is because they go well with the games i play
i choose this picture just because thor is one of my favorite marvel heros.i also thought of thor as one of my personal heros seeing how he would never admit when someone is better than him
Tthis describes me because i really like classic things like cars weapons and very old coins. so i try to collect all old coins i possible can. and when i get older i'm going try and collect old cars.
this picture describes me because the tiger always feel high and mighty and they are very known for being aggresive but their not as aggresive as everyone thinks they are
this describes me because as a kid i watch a lot of marvel and dc movies and all the movies i watch insiperated me to do whatever it takes try and make my own comic books
this movie describes me because the main character decides to help someone he doesnt describes me because i often help anyone in need no matter what