occupation This is what I would like to be one day maybe, I would like to arrest major criminals and bring peace and justice to the place that I live.
dog This is the one dog that I have wanted forever. It is a very loyal dog and is a great guard animal to keep families safe. This dog is also very trustworthy and fun to be around.
car This is the car that I have wanted for as long as I can remember. I have Always wanted a Lime green Lamborghini.
movie I chose this movie because I think zombies are pretty cool and its my favorite movie.
money I love money and I plan on making alot of it one day. Im not sure how yet but I want alot of money to buy the things that I want or need.
music One of my favorite artists woiuld be Eminem I've liked his music for a long time and I like it.
thor I chose Thor because I really enjoy the viking mythology better than others, and its a good movie.