ram_bee Ramona and Beezus is about two sisters who have two major different personalities. During the movie they get real life obstacles thrown at them and must learn to make the best of the situation. But, at the end they realize that as long as you have love and a family that cares about you, then everything will be okay. I related my life to this movie because my sister and I have the same relationship as Ramona and Beezus. Throughout the movie the sisters fight a lot, but can also have their loving sisterly moments. I couldn't pick a better movie to describe my life.
demi Demi Lovato's first big debut was on Disney Channel's "Camp Rock" movie. Now she focuses on her music, while also staring as a judge on the TV show "X-Factor." I enjoy listening to Demi's music because I can relate the topics she sings about to situations that I have experienced in my life. Not only is she an amazingly talented singer, she is also gorgeous and independent. Demi experienced rough times during her teen years and it is inspiring to me that she has gotten her life back on the right track.
paul Paul Walker will always be one of my favorites. This man was down to Earth, a good Christian, a loving father, and a gracious giver to charities. I love and have seen all the Fast and Furious movies several times. At one point I was even obsessed with them. If I could pick one movie I had to live the rest of my life in, it would that series. Paul's death was heart breaking to me. I will forever be a Brian O'Conner fan. -"If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling." RIP Paul Walker<3
camaro I am no car genius but, I know when a car looks sharp. I have to say that the camaro is my favorite. My dream is to have one once I'm older and can afford it. I love speed and going fast. I always joke around with my parents and tell them that I want to be a racecar driver. Movies like the Fast and Furious series have definitely influenced my choice in cars.
pup I love animals and always have. I've had many pets throughtout my life. I currently have one dog and three cats. I would have more if I was allowed. My mom always makes fun of me for using a baby voice when I talk to my pets. I plan to have a horses, cats and dogs when I get older. I would love to have a siberian husky and a german shepherd.
vet As I said before, I love animals, and that is why I am interested in becoming a vet. Helping animals and saving their lives is the way I want to spend my life. My dream is to go to school and get my degree to become a vet. I want to own my own office with a supply store on the side. I would also like to start an organization to help have better living conditions for animals.
makeup I love makeup. Being a makeup artist would be my next choice in career options. I take very good care of my skin and make sure my makeup looks as good as possible. I have a vanity in my room with all my makeup organized in catergories and a makeup mirror that has settings for different lighting. It's a bad day when my makeup doesn't look perfect.