taken_movie this describes me because if anythig happened to my family i would do everything i could to help them or rescue them like liam nesson did in this spectacular movie.
korn_band this describes me cause im a heavy metal person and they move on with life
denzel_washington i like this movie character because if he says he's gotta do a job he'll get the job done no matter what because in this movie his job is to protect the bible with his life because he is the bible.
svt_cobra i like this car because its pure muscle no tune ups or anything added to it.
dragon i like dragons because i wish i could fly and travel the world like they could and breath fire on who ever and what ever.
call_of_duty i like call of duty because thats how me and my friends have fun at home when not at school.
gears_of_war the reason i picked this for the pic of my choice is because i've always been a big gears of war fan and always will be i like playing wingman on there to see how good people really are.