pinkMy Projects:

meet_the_real_meMy first project was the one I done in my website design class. Its name is meet the real me. I learned how to code a website from the complete beginning only using code. This goes toward my career as a game designer because it shows I can learn the basics and create about anything I want.

gallaryMy second project is the Gallery project I created through my labs in web design. I created this project for a grade. I learned how to insert pictures, tables, and other features that will help me in my future career as a game designer. This project relates to my career because it showed me what new things I can learn while working as a game developer and what things that I have learned in the past that could make my games even better.

calforinaMy third project I created is California website. I created this website through video tutorials. I created this project for training on how to do my labs and to test my skills. I learned how to put pictures into my websites. I learned how to apply my classes to certain things in my websites and how to make them look how I want them to look in the end.

ichigoMy last project is the one I done in art class. I done Ichigo which is my favorite anime character. This project taught me how to fix my shading and i need to focus most on. I done this project to show the teacher how much i could draw at the beginning before i inter art class.


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