What game developers do: game

Game designers design a video game from the basics. They design the characters the graphics the audio and much more. They design everything there is basically from the beginning to the end. They half to do a lot of writing and make sure everything is working in the pro-type version of the game before they publish it and sell it to people like me and you.

When most game designers start their career they start out with the simple tasks such as just focusing on the audio or the graphics simple tasks. The major and more difficult tasks are performed by the people with years of experience and that knows a lot about what they’re doing and the work they will be assigned.

So even though Game designers may look easy it’s really not.

Education for Game Designers:

Game designers are recommended to take 4 to 8 years of college depending on how much education they take depends on their pay so I highly suggest going ahead and taking 8 years of college to get a really good pay. Second game designers half to know which part they want to do like say for example you are interested in becoming a video game designer and you want to mainly deal on graphics. Well more than likely it would be a good idea to get a master’s degree in art and design. So more than likely the education for a game designer depends on where you want to mainly work in the game designing career.

How much a game designer makes:money

How much a game designer makes depends on if their games sale well and whether companies would be interested in purchasing more that they make. If a game designer makes a good game that company’s like and keeps this up they can make around 70,000 per year. So a pretty good amount of money. Also it depends on where the game designer hade graduated or lived. Like say for example you live in New York more than likely you are going to make more money than someone that works in Ohio or another small state because there would be more job opportunities for you in New York also that’s where some of the major companies are.

Another thing you half to consider about their pay is how many years have they been working and what part their working in because some pay more than others will.

How I plan on becoming a Game designer:

First off I plan to Graduate High School, than I plan on going to college for 4 to 8 years depending on what would befit me more in reaching my career, third I plan on getting a job as a game designer for maybe a minor company or as a part time job, after that I’m going to get some more hands on experience, after that I’m going to try and become a game designer for a major company ^-^.

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