pinkAbout me:

My name is Shyann Long I’m am in the 10th grade right now. I am certainly taking website design which will help me go toward the career I would like later on in my life. I want to become a game designer. I believe I’m certified to be a game designer because I have a 93% average in my website design class and in my computer and apps class I have an average of 90% which is two classes I will need for game design. Web design will help me understand how to design a website or webpage and show me how to code websites which I half to know the basics before I start to design my character or game later on in my life.

Second my computer and app class will help me by teaching me how to type faster and how I should write business letters to future businesses I am interesting in buying my game and saleing it. Plus I had an 100% average in art class and the main thing I draw is anime or game characters in simpler terms. Also one of my skills that would be good for this type of job is that I’m very passionate in what I like to do if I draw something or design something I half to make it look good. I personally can't stand it when someone doesn’t like my work so I try to make it better.

Other quality that I have that would be good for this job is that I’m very creative and ongoing. I personally love to create things and make them in my own special way. If I see a drawing and there something more than likely I will redraw that image and make it how I would like to see it. The last quality I have that would be good for this job is that you can rely on me to get my work done.

I personally do not like it when someone is lazy and will not get their work done. I like to have my work turned in when it is due and not late if I can. Also I try to do my very best at what I do and if I turn in something to you I’m going to make sure it looks good and meets what it needs before I turn it in.

One of my weaknesses is on the other hand is I don't normally like to work in groups because normally I end up doing all the work with no help so if I’m assigned a project with a group. I'm going to try and get along with my group so we can complete are project and maybe so I can become more outgoing to other people.

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