happy_gilmore Happy Gilmore is about a hockey player but he isnt quite a good hockey player so he finds golf clubs when moving out his grandma and long story short he becomes the best golfer in the world and i love this becuae its halarious and also becuase i play golf.
willy_moon Willy Moon is new to me becuase i just heard about him a couple days ago but his music to me is very catchy and fun to listen to. It just gets me goin!!!
tosh_.0 Tosh.0 is a tv show on comedy central, the host is Daniel Tosh and he is a famous comedian and all the show is, is him making fun of internet videos and it can cross a fine line of decency.
bmw_lmr A BMW LMR is a very luxurious car and classy like me but its also got a V12 engine which helps out describing me because one minute im all "yes ma'am" next im all "WOOOOHOOOO", but thats just how my pesonality is.
blood_hound This is the type of dog ive have, but this one isn't mine but her name is dolly and I have had her for almost ten years now and I love her so much, she's my baby.
morehead_state Morehead State University is where i hope to continue my education and major in their imaging sciences program and also get some type of degree in special education.
magic_the_gathering I picked this because its a game a play called Magic the Gathering and its something people wouldn't expect me to play cause is kind of nerdy but I think i am kind of nerdy in a way, but I enjoy it so I dont really care what other people think.