Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy is my favorite movie.
This movie stars David Spade and my favorite actor
of all time Chris Farley.
I think this movie really represents who I am.
Daughtry is my favorite band.
I've watched him since he was on American Idol
and loved his style.
He sings a mix of Pop and Rock.
This porsche is the perfect car for me.
I love the color, seating,
and the fact it's a convertable! The porsche is sleek
and just awesome.
My favorite animal is the Wolf.
The wolf is an animal that is
considered strong and fierce.
The wolf is a very intimidating animal.
I already know when I get my first career
it will be in business.
I have helped my family in
distribution of major brands
and really enjoy it.
Will farrell is the best actor.
He is in so many of my favorite
movies. He plays in ELF,
the best chistmas movie ever made.
The reds are by far my
favorite team. I actually had time to meet the
left fielder Ryan Ludwick in person.
And we are Division Champions.