The job of a Sales Manager consist of:


The Job

Overseeing regional and local sales managers and their staff.

Resolve customer complaints regarding sales and service.

Prepare budgets and approve budgets.

Monitor customer preferences to determine the focus of sales efforts

Analyze sales statistics.

Project sales and determine the profit of products and services.

Determine discount rates or special pricing plans.

Plan and coordinate training programs for sales staff.



The Price Scale

The Price scale of a sales manager is about $98,530. This is a great pay scale making $98,000 is really good pay. I really show a lot of interest to this career field and have some expirence while working with family members in this field.





Although many jobs perfer a masters degree, all that is needed for the job of a sales manager is a bachelors degree. Businessess usually want the degree in business but some just want a college education in general.


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