About Me Website


This is a small portion of my website I made early into the school year. This website can be found on the Montgomery County ATC website. This project was made in my website class for a class project and I learned how to make websites with only HTML in Notepad.




This is a banner that I created for one of my websites in my Website class. I made it with a combination of a picture of a Louisville Cardinal logo and a Cincinnati reds logo in Photoshop.
This taught me some important Photoshop skills.


Occupational handbook activity

The link above will take you to a letter I wrote regarding an online survey that I participated in that recorded me as being best fit into the field of Retail Sales Marketer. This shows me that the field of Marketing is someting that I would fit into very well. I did this project in my Productivity Software Class for an assignment. Below is an excert of that survey.



American Enterprise Manual

Below is a link that will take you to my American Enterprise Manual. This manual placed 2nd in State Competition in FBLA and is about the freedom to own and run a business without government interference. I think this manual shows my literacy skills and also my love for business. I did this in my spare time for a school project.





The Link Below will take you to a publisher form of my postcard. This postcard is from my campaign from when I ran for regional office in FBLA. I learned how to run a business and how to run for an office. I did this in my spare time for my own benifit. This shows my interest in business.