This animal in my eyes represenst me
with its passion to get
what it desires in life if that means
surviving on its own, like me in high school.
I would one day love to have this dream
car of mine it is one of my favorite
brands of cars out on the market
it is slim and very fast.

The musician I chose is bob marley
he is a very known musician
that is known for being one of the most
loving musician's out there.

This movie the waterboy is probably one
of my all time favorite movies do to
the fact it has some really good actors
in it whitch makes it more on
the line of my movies.

I think that this actor Will Ferrell
in my opion is one of the best comedian
actors out there to this day he keeps
making me laugh at everything
funny in his movies he plays in.

The job i would want would
be to be a pro huntsman that gets
paid to do what he or she loves to do,
I love hunting so if I ever get
the oppurtunitiy to I would in a heart beat.

This photo is a picture of my favorite state
and favorite colloge football team Tennessee,
they are a big rivel against Kentucky
so every time they play them
I get really hiped up when they win.