A career as a software design engineer generally entails a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. Alternatively, some enter this career by earning bachelor's degrees in related fields, such as computer science or computer information systems. Software engineering degree programs include such courses as software design, computer architecture, programming languages, networks and operating systems. They typically also require the completion of senior design projects.

Work Enviroment

Many software developers work for computer systems design and related services firms or software publishers. Others work in computer and electronic product manufacturing industries. Most work full time, and nearly one-fourth worked more than 40 hours per week in 2010.


Job Outlook

Employment of software developers is projected to grow 30 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations. The main reason for the rapid growth is a large increase in the demand for computer software


Price Scale

Software Developers who worked with applications earned a median salary of $87,790 in May 2010, while those who worked with systems software earned a median salary of $94,180.


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