harry_potter Harry Potter is a series surrounded in a world of magic and unknown things. I personally feel like my life is filled with things like that too, but my things can be explained by someone smarted then me. Harry has to figure it out on his own.
linkin_park Linkin Park is a band that writes songs that are more realistic and lifelike, and a lot of them match my life. Breaking the Habbit Actually helped me when I was tying to break all the annoying habits I had maintained through middleschool. Somewhere I Belong explains me when there aren't any band kids around. And that's just a few.
Orihime_Inoue Orihime Inoue is off one of my favorite shows, Bleach. Orihime is very smart and is one of the top students in her class, like me. Also like me, she sometimes lacks common sense, but is always ready to help a friend.
Japanese_Smart_Car A smart car is like me because we are both smart. Also, a smart car is compact, and I have a tendecy to slouch over, and I'm kind of small. The only diffrence is that the smart car is short, but I'm not.
a_turtle A turtle is always stereotyped to be slow and boring at first, but they can also be extremely fast. Similarly, I seem slow to people at first, and my parents say I lack common sense some times.
graphic_design_artist My occupation is a graphic artist, and this isnít just because itís what I want to be. Iíve always been a fan of graphics and Iíve been using graphic are programs since I was in elementary school. I also wasnít planning on being a graphic design artist until around April of last year. My occupational choice sort of chose me.
something_that_descibes_me I picked this image for myself because it is very busy and eclectic. I never have much of anything very organized, and Iím always busy. When I donít have anything to do, I actually plan what to do with my time; so, if you looked from the outside in on my life as a whole, it would look something like this.