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I Want to Volunteer

We are thrilled that you desire to invest in our students and our community by serving as a volunteer. To get started you will need to fill out the following two forms:

  1. A background check
  2. A Volunteer Information form


Background Check

An approved Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) background check is required for all volunteers. According to our district policy, a volunteer is characterized by the following:

If you are in supervisory capacity when chaperoning field trips, a background check is required. however, if you are getting a background check only to chaperon on a field trip, you are responsible for the $10 fee for the background check.

If you are coming to the school only to attend a class party, a special school presentation, or to assist with a special event or activity, you are considered a visitor, not a volunteer, and are therefore not required to get a background check.

Background forms are available Online, at all of our schools, or at our Central Office. Once you have completed the form, you can turn it in to any of our school office or to the Central Office. If you choose to complete the form Online, it must be printed out and turned in.