angry_shrek The reason I picked shrek is because shrek can be very funny and very mad but always keeps a cool head.
five_finger_death_punch The reason I picked Five FInger Death Punch is because they are among my favorite band's and they have the coolest pictures.
assasin The reason I picked assassins creed is because the main character can have fun but still be serious about the situation.
worlds_fastest_car The reason I picked this car is because its the type of car that can go very fast and I am always in a hurry.
Dragon The reason I picked a dragon as my animal is because dragons are a very dangerous creature but is also very wise and beautiful. I think I can be very wise sometimes.
angry_judge The reason I picked the angry judge for my occupation is because it has been a dream of mine to be a judge and to be one until i cant be no more because im too angry at people.
banner4 The reason I picked the walking dead as my picture of choice is because i love the tv show alot and it is very intriguing to me with all the zombies and theories about how to live and challenge the mind to think what would you do or think would happen.