Ben Doss

Electronic Career Portfolio



I did this Old Man illustration in Drawing 1 class because I felt like this portrait would give me more of a challenge. This was created in Drawing 1 class for my first major project of the year. I learned the basic skills of shading complex shading facial features.



This Yoda illustration was made in while I watching Star Wars: Episode 5. Once I saw a very inspiring moment when Yoda used the force I said to myself I had to draw this great moment. The skill I learned about this project is to draw with a ink pen.



This illustration was drawn for extra credit in my English 4 class. I used an existing picture of my own pet bird to be drawn, and utilizing the unique percpectiveof how I held it. I learned some fundementals of how to apply color as the main point of the illustration.



I worked on this picture from an existing photo that I took of another student for my Flash Cs6 class. I found this picture challenging because of the time constraint on it, but that just motivated myself to make the best illustration in a short time span. I learned during this project how to effectively draw hair and the individual hair lines as well.



I had been sick from school one day so I thought to draw something for a little bit. From my imagination I combined a conure and a cockatoo to make something very new and different kind of bird. I learned to reference something in real life and mix some new ideas in it.