Career Summary

Career Summary

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Elementary Art Teacher

An Elementary School Teacher is a wonderful profession that allows you to teach and help students learn and understand many different concepts of art. Typically teachers plan lessons to teach students something specific. They also assess their students to find out all of their strong points and weaknesses. It also important that they grade their student's assignments to monitor their progress and another would be enforcing classroom rules to help students to understand appropriate behavior in the classroom.

Being an Elementary School Teacher, you must always make sure to keep the parents informed of their child’s progress as well, so they can be informed on what's going on in class and how their child is doing.

Art Teachers primarily apply lesson plans by inventing specific art projects for students to create. While students work on their project there will usually be some that find concepts easy and understand right away, but there will also be others that have a hard time and need assistance. Is it the teacher's job to make sure they know who falls under those categories so they can help and assist any student that needs their help?

It also takes patience and a love for children to be a teacher. You need to have a passion for this career and the students, to be able to do your job successfully and really prosper when teaching.


Education Required


Requirements for an Elementary Art Teacher usually differ by state. All students, however, are required to complete a student teaching experience. The teaching experience usually consists of spending at least a semester in an elementary art classroom, teaching under the observation of a practiced art teacher.

If an applicant does not earn an undergraduate degree in art education or education, may pursue master's degrees in these areas. Typically there are no state licensing requirements for elementary teachers, working in private schools.

Relevant master's degree programs include Master of Education and Master of Arts in Art Education. Programs such as these are usually for artists that would like to alternate into teaching. Candidates may also choose to major in art while undergoing a teacher preparation program.

Though requirements may vary by state, most jobs for an art teacher require the minimum of a bachelor's degree.


Career Path


My Plan is to graduate High School and attend Morhead State University and Major in Art. I hope to complete a student teacher experience also, and then eventually recieve my Bachelor's degree in Education and becoming an Art Teacher.