Career Summary

About Me


My name is Alyssa Keeton and I strive to be an Elementary School Art teacher.

I'm qualified for this career because of my passion and deciation to this career. My art classes in highschool have also prepared me for this. I've learned different values, different aspects and ways to better me in my art. These classes have prepared me for a career as an art teacher and I believe that I well equipped for this occupation.

I'm someone who strives for the very best and tries her very hardest to achieve goals. I work well on my own and I work well with others. I'm also very ambitious and go for what I want and work hard for it. I feel all of these skills qualify me for this career.

In addition to these skills, just to be able to spend my life doing something that I love everyday and never getting tired of it, would be amazing. It's an important part of society. Art is such a beautiful way for someone to express theirself and I would love to have the chance to one day teach students all about that beauty and better their understanding. I would love the oppertunity to be able to help students improve their art and do their best on what they love, just as my teachers in the past have done for me.