Ever AfterI chose this movie because I have never seen a more romantic movie and I just love the fact that it's based in 1800th century.
Mayday ParadeThe band I chose is my favorite because I love all of their songs because of their lyrics, and their songs are always very catchy.
once upon a timeThis show is all about fairy tales, which I find very enjoyable and I love how they change the fairy tales around and I just really enjoy evey episode.
honda accordThis car is not my dream car, but it's what type of car I drive and it's a good car to have, so I'm glad to have it.
Weiner dogI've had a weiner dog since she was a puppy. She's about three, or four now and still completly adorable as when she was a puppy.
What's next?After Highschool, I plan on going to Morehead State University, however, I'm not sure what I'm going to major in yet.
Gerard ButlerGerard Butler is my favorite actor because I've loved every movie he's played in and I absolutley loved him in Phantom of the Opera. He had the most amazing voice I've ever heard. I just love him!