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Letters of Recommendation

May 9, 2012

Liz Prather
Montgomery County Schools
700 Woodford Drive
Mount Sterling, KY 40353
859-497-8765, Ext. 1227

To Whom It May Concern:
Michael was in my AP English Language and Composition class last year. An avid fan of music, popular culture, the environment and history, Michael is a great participant in my class, especially when we read essays on history or global issues.  He is a kid who loves school and is curious about the world. He brings a different perspective to the class and doesn't mind speaking his opinion during debates and discussions.  However, he doesn't dominate the conversation -- he's always respectful of me and other students.
Michael is both socially and emotionally mature.  When he gets into the classroom, he always greets me with a warm "hello.”  It doesn’t matter if he’s had a bad day, forgotten his homework, just got into a fight with this girlfriend, or had a teacher yell at him in the hall – he has a tirelessly happy and well-adjusted disposition.  He is relaxed and easygoing, but he also keeps his eye on his goals and works to achieve them.  Because I'm surrounded all day with self-centered, navel-gazing 17-year-olds, I noticed when a student is unfailingly polite and generous to everyone.  Michael also participates in our student newspaper, The Tribal Tribune. He is adept at working in a variety of computer modalities and works diligently to improve his craft as a budding film maker.
I recommend Michael Hatton for employment with your company.


Liz Prather


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to strongly recommend Michael Hatton for admission to your prestigious university.  I have had the joy of having Michael in class and know that he would be an asset to any college or university.  Michael is a motivated and self-determined student who strives for excellence in everything he attempts. 

Throughout the years I have known Michael; I have been able to observe his many talents.  I have had the pleasure of watching Michael mature over the past four years while instructing him in English I, Newspaper and Broadcast. 

During time spent with Michael in the classroom, I have been conscious of his self-discipline and extraordinary work ethic.  Not only did I observe Michael’s talents in English, but I have also had the pleasure of working with him in the Newspaper and Broadcasting program. Michael used his skills learned during Journalism to mentor younger students during my Intro to Journalism class. Michael took on this task enthusiastically and was a huge asset to the program.   

Michael is a very responsible young man.  During high school, he maintained a high G.P.A. while participating in several school activities such as BETA Club, PEP Club, Newspaper, Broadcast, and working a part-time job.  Michael has the initiative to succeed, which I think is an important quality in a young person. 

I believe that Michael Hatton is an excellent candidate for your school.  I know he will represent it well. 



Heather Manning
English Teacher
Newspaper/Broadcast Advisor

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