Lexington, North Carolina

Barbeque Capital of the World

Located in the heart of North Carolina's Piedmont section, about 95 miles west of Raleigh, the city is surrounded by a countryside of lush rulling
hills and features a small-town atmosphere. Barbeque

Each year, Uptown Lexington hosts a barbeque Festival where an eight-black stretch of Main Street is closed to traffic. Over four hundred
exhibitors sell everything from handmade crafts to homemade fudge. The festival is for people all ages and includes a special section of rides and
games for children.

Interesting Facts about Lexington:Lexington

  1. Lexington's history dates back to the later 1700s.
  2. Lexington was named in honor of the Revolutionary War battle site in Massachusetts.
  3. Lexington is located in Davidson County, North Carolina, with a population of some 17,000 residents.
  4. The barbeque festival is a Lexington annual tradition and is celebrated each year in October.
  5. A section of Davidson County is known for its red dirt, called "Davidson Loam." It is considered
    the best agricultural soil around.
  6. The first barbeque restaurant no longer exists. The space was incorporated into the
    City Hall.
  7. Elvis Presley was paid $200 for performing at the YMCA in Lexington on March 21, 1956.

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