Garden State

A movie that I feel represents me well is Garden State. The main character constantly tries to protect himself from his own feelings with numerous distractions. I do the same thing, using many hobbies to keep myself occupied, not relying on emotion to make it through the day, which can be ineffective. Like him, I'm growing tired of this and am searching for more desirable ways to spend my time than being busy and stressed.

Coheed and Cambria

A band that characterizes me well is Coheed and Cambria. Like myself, the band is highly conceptual. All of their works aren't simply musically pleasing, but present some insanely elaborate story, and universal theme. I tend to think big like this.


As for characters, sometimes I feel like the Narrator from Fight Club. He clearly has too much caffeiene in his bloodstream and a lack of real spice in his life. So he takes up odd hobbies, such as...fighting. I'm not THAT extreme, though. And he has a major personality flaw...an alter ego. I am Jacob...but to a select few...I am...WOODY.


If I were a car, I think I'd be a Chrysler 300. Quite simply, they're a modern vehicle with an old kind of class about it that isn't clear until you've experienced it. They're somewhat bulky, but very powerful for such a modest machine. Like me!


When it comes to animals, I feel like a turtle would represent me well. Like turtles, I have something of a shell that I tend to retreat into. They aren't very sociable animals, and are slow, until they're left alone. Then they come out of their shell, and work hard.

Record Producer

My dream occupation is that of a record producer. It combines both my love for music and technology into one activity! Need I say more?


The final image I chose is a picture of a clarinet. This is my fifth year playing clarinet, and my first playing bass clarinet. I invest much of my time practicing it.