Throughout my school career, I have went through many classes throughout Montgomery County Area Technology Center. I have taken 5 total classes and have had many projects within those classes. There will be projects with the psychology field. Here I will show you a couple of examples of what I did, and the capabilities I have with it.


This project I did in short notice to help for a teacher that had cancer. I was glad to be of assistance for this project (additional editing was done to this project that was not saved).
Where: The project was created in by Desktop publishing class.
Why: To help to cheer a teacher up during a rough time.
Learned: How to edit templates to what I may like them to look like.

Film Project for Mrs. Maze


The next project I will show you is called "The Real Me." I had a late start to this project, but I was able to finish it in time. This project was to explain things about me. I had to hand-code this project from notebook.
Where: I did this project in Web Design class.
Why: I created this project to tell about me.
Learned: How to hand code items.

The Real Me


Another publisher project I did was a newsletter for the Montgomery County ATC. I had to design it, and make sure all words and pictures were to fit in the newsletter. I was happy to take part of this project also, even though I typed and designed it alone.
Where: This was also created in Desktop Publishing class.
Why: It was created for the Montgomery County Area Technology Center, to use as the newsletter.
Learned: How to fully use Microsoft Office 2010 Publisher.

MCATC Newsletter


This next project is a web site that two people and I designed. It was a project for a country, we asked to do a city, and we made a web site for Amsterdam, Netherlands. We designed pictures, the layout and the words all ourselves. My partners did the pictures and the banner, because I had photoshop experience. I deigned the web site, though.
Where: I created this in Web Design Class.
Why: To show my skills on how to use Adobe CS3 Dreamweaver.
Learned: How to center and edit pictures in Dreamweaver.

I Amsterdam


The projects I will be mentioning now will be towards the possibility that I go into the pyschology field. There will be projects listed below.

Borderline Personality Disorder
Where: I created this in my Psychology class.
Why: It was a project for neurologic diseases.
Learned: About Borderline Personality Disorder.

Borderline Personality Disorder


The People's Temple
Where: I created this in my Pyschology class.
Why: It was a project about cults.
Learned: About The People's Temple and Jonestown.

The People's Temple


2012 Christian Smith, Montgomerty County ATC
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