[Career Summary]


In the future, I am planning to go to college for a doctorate degree for Radiology. On the side of all that, I plan on being a web designer, publishing, and then later owning a business with my cousin, and best friend. I have good leadership skills for doing all that. During my time in high school, I have worked with multiple things to work my way towards that.

I will be trying for a Web Designer to start off with, and work with that throughout my entire career.

By myself, I would be able to do the accounting, and the work for my business. I have high math skills, and great with working with computer programs from Microsoft Office 2010 Publisher to Adobe CS3 Dreamweaver.

I plan on owning a business. My main job I will have will be a radiologist though.

I am planning on going to Morehead State University. I have already received an acceptance letter. I am planning on doing my general education classes and then possibly transfering to University of Kentucky. I then plan on going to medical school to completely getting my doctorate degree.

After I finish that and get a few years into my career of being a radiologist, I am going to get my accountant degree. I will use this to better work with my business and keep my finances up to date. I will also use this to keep track of the money for the web design and desktop publishing I will do.

I will be working alongside my aunt at some points to learn things about becoming a pyschologist, too.

To achieve all this I will be dedicated, hardworking, loyal.



2012 Christian Smith, Montgomerty County ATC
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