Electronic Career Profolio
Nightmare Before Christmas "The Nightmare Before Christmas" represents me because I am creative and can be creepy at times. I also love the movie.
Amy Lee Amy Lee is a gothic singer who has a lovely personality. She loves what she does and so do I.
Jack Skellington Jack Skellington is a happy and creative character. I chose him because I am always smiling and creative.
Pikachu Car This...unusual car is refers to me because I am an anime freak and I am one of a kind.
Fox The fox represents me because I am sneaky and sly. I can...almost get out of any situation.
Student This is a picture of a anime student. I chose this picture because I am still a student and don't know yet of what I want to do.
Anime Panda I chose this picture for my "picture of choice" because pandas act innocent and cute like me.