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Dear Potential Employer,

This page contains my resume and some questions concerning my choice of my career choice as a Multimedia Artist. My resume I know isn't much but I hope you will concider me as a potential employee.

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Interview Questions:

1. Tell me about yourself.
I am currrently a sophmore in Montgomery County High School, where I have Art and Graphic Design Classes such as; Art I and Website Design. I hope to better my skills at the University of Kentucky or Eastern Kentucky University. I am resourceful and very independant, I work well with customers and co-workers very well. I'm very strict on perfection. Though I tend to stress to much on any small detail thats misplaced.

2. What makes you unique?
I have a very active imagination, which helps me create most of my work. I am considerate. As well as passionate in the things I do.

3. Why should we consider hiring you?
I have the required skills and qualifications needed for this occupation. I believe working here will allow me to advance my skills in design, and this occupation will better prepare me for being a Multimedia Artist. Also, I feel that I am a strong and a worthy candidate for this opening, and if I am hired, I will take every opportunity to prove that I am a reliable employee.


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