The Real Me Website

This is my "Meet The Real Me" website I created in Website Design class. I learned a lot about coding and how to set things up in a website. This is was created so I could learn more about how websites are designed. This website connects to Multimedia Artist because it requires alot of technology skills.

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I Amsterdam

This is a group project done also in Website Design class, my group called it "I Amsterdam" and this project was a great test of my photo editing skills. I learned how to edit photos and as well as add flash to a website. This project connects to Multimedia Artist because photo editing is a huge part of that occupation.

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Html Index This is a normal in Website Design class project that we plainly called "HTML". We did this project to teach us how to code using Notepad. I learned how to code easier and this connects with Mutimedia Artists because this occupation requires using great technology skills.
Colorado Parks Website "Colorado National Parks and Monuments" was the home page to my first project in my Website Design class. We learned how to use an aplication called "Dreamweaver" and this connects to Multimedia Artist because you need to begin in Graphic design to then start a career in this occupation.


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