About Me


Hello, my name is Cheyenne Nicole Smith. I am thriving to become an Multimedia Artist.

I always wanted to be in an Art occupation since I was young. I lived in multiple cities and now reside in Jeffersonville with my mom, dad, and little sister. My favorite type of animation is Japanese animation. I am a huge fan of the Packers along with my dad. I have played at least two types of sports in my lifetime such as; soccer and softball. I'm not too athletic really. I love my family and hope to support them with my occupation of choice.

Now about my traits; I can carry out tasks that involved with this occupation because I've been through several challanges in several design classes, such as; Web site Design and Art. These classes weren't only my favorite classes they also prepared me for what is to come with this occupation.

I am ambitious, outgoing, independant, and competitive. Though despite of these I am a gauranteed worker. Also I work well as with an entire team. I will keep working until it is perfect and will give it my all! I believe these aspects of my personality qualify me enough for this occupation.

I am passionate about Art and I do my best to come up with fresh new ideas.

Yet I have trouble following orders to the letter, but I hope to better this weakness by having something I appreciate doing. By doing something like this I can better my skills and self.


© Cheyenne Nicole Smith