About Me

I am currently aspiring to attend Georgetown College in Georgetown, KY majoring in computer sciences. I am pointing towards computer programming as a specific area of proffesion. I have taken Flash, Photoshop, Advanced Computer Applications, and Dreamweaver classes at my High School throughout my four years there. I hope to use these skills to one day work somewhere high up on the ladder at Apple Inc. or Google as a programmer or at HTC as a product designer and programmer.


4 Quick Things You Should Know About Me
1.) I pick up on new things very quickly. You can hand me any piece of technology with no prior knowledge and I will have it nearly, if not completely, mastered and know all the ins and outs within an hour at most.
2.) I do have a great ability to invision, and produce an illustration or mock up of, a newer more updated version of a physical product or operating system aesthetics that a poential consumer would purchase.
3.) I am always up to date with the newest technological devices and components and advancements in the area of technology, this allows me to think of feasable real world applications for potential world changing technology and ways to update already amazing pieces of technology.

4.) I am very passionate about technology, there isn't much about it that I don't know about or haven't heard of and this makes me, in my opinion, strive to do my very best when working to create or update a piece of technology.






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