The Real Me
Top Gun I enjoy action movies. And I have always thought being a navy fighter pilot would be a very exciting and interesting job.
Scion tC I chose the picture of the Scion tC because if i got to choose any car to have, I would choose this one because I like the way a black car with dark tinted windows and black rims looks. Also, Toyota makes Scion and Toyota is a very reliable and even better quality car manufacturer than most other makes and they hold their resale value longer than other cars.
Firefox or Red Panda I chose the picture of the firefox, which is actually a red panda, because I am a tech nerd and love all things technology and Mozilla is the only company that uses an animal in their logo and I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser at home and school.
Music Collage I know the rubric said to choose a picture of your favorite artist, but I have grown up around music my whole life I have always been playing some instrument if it had strings, keys, or a place to hit it to make noise. I love all types of music there isn't much of anything I wont listen to so I chose this picture for the music section.
Computer Science Station I chose this picture because like I said I'm a tech nerd and I have always been very talented with learning how new technology works and what it is capable of, how to make it run more efficient, how to repair it, and have always taken to new technology very quickly with no help from anyone. I am going to go to college at Georgetown College and major in Computer Sciences. I also would love to work at a desk like this at my job no day would be boring. My life goal and biggest dream is to eventually work at Apple either as a product designer and create the one peice of mobile technology that will set the bar for all others. Or to help use the technology we currently have and use it to make something that could change the world and the way we live our daily lives.
Batman Logo I chose the picture of Batman's symbol is because when I was growing up he was my hero. Some kids had Superman, The Power Rangers, or even Spiderman, but I had Batman and to me, that was the coolest thing in the world.
The City That Never Sleeps I chose the picture of New York City because, I love the city and the sights and the how it is strictly business during the day but when the sun goes down its something you can't describe. The sights, sounds, and amazing things that go on are something you can never have enough words to express how amazing and captivating it truly is.