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In the future i plan to go to college and major in orchestra. I want to travel around the world and play for many different people.So far i have had eight years of experience going on to my ninth.I plan to go to Morehead state university. They have a very distinguished orchestral program. I also wish to give cello lessons to young students when i am done traveling.

If i cannot achieve this goal i plan to become a video game tester. I have alot of experience in this field. I also have some experience in website design. I am currently in website design class. Im very hardworking, determined, and loyal when it comes to any type of job.


The median pay for a professional cellist is 22.39$ per hour

Entry level eduation is high school diploma

On the job training is : long term

Job outlook: 10%(about as fast as average)





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career summary


2012 Shayla Joseph, Montgomery County ATC
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