True Grit True Grit is a movie about adventure, honesty, and friendship. I consider myself adventureous, a great friend, and a very honest trustworthy person.
Jason Aldean Im a huge country gal and Jason Aldean in my opinion is the best country singer there is. He uses words that come from the heart while writting his music.
Stewie I can be caniving at times just as stewie is.
Chevy I love to go muddin' and you can't go muddin' in just a four door car! You gotta have a little muscle to count on if you get stuck. A chevy truck in my opinion represents me because i can always find some way turning a bad situatuion into a good one , I know my way out whenever I'm stuck.
Rottweiler Protective and loyal. Someone who is always there when you need a friend.
Motocross Racing gives me a chance to get away from the real world, have time to my self, and have time to really think about things.
Fox Logo My favorite brand of clothing and motocross gear. It's the most reliable and durable.